Where’s Your Favourite Place to Read?

Reading by the Water

Just a quick post today as I’m mired in holiday preparations and celebrations as I am sure some (many?) of you are too.

Where do you read?

I have two favourite reading spots: in the bathtub (only paper books and never library books) and just before I fall asleep in bed. I know some people have a favourite chair or window seat that they love to curl up in. Or others who head to the local library, coffee shop, or park bench (weather permitting, of course). When I was commuting several hours a day, I did my reading in transit (on the train or subway or bus, depending on the day). Or do you grab reading time wherever you can find it, not discriminating against the location? With eReaders and laptops and mobile devices, we can read almost anywhere now.

How about you? Where do you read? Where do you hide out from the holiday madness and lose yourself in a good book?

Image source: Brooklyn Museum – La Roche Guyon


  1. Great question, Carrie!

    Usually, I read on the couch or in bed, however, I do love to sit at a table in my favorite coffee shop with a hot cup of tea and read. I have to have tea while I read!

  2. I LOVE the feeling of crawling into bed at the end of a, at times, absurdly busy day spending a few idle moments playing with my iPhone (you know, important tasks like Tap Zoo maintenance) and then reaching over for a book that I’m really enjoying, sheer unadulterated blissssssssssss.

    I have also just discovered a new favourite place to read; I spent the weekend at my best friends property just outside of Golden, and she has a leather recliner tucked away in this wonderful out of the way corner of the house, and while the babe had his nap I settled in for a glorious long leisurely read occasionally taking time to put my book down and gaze at the incredible mountain view out of the big picture windows, really special experience indeed for any new parent ;)

    • That sounds amazing, Adrienne! I have always dreamed of having a special, cozy reading/writing chair tucked away in a corner somewhere, and I can imagine the view in Golden must be lovely!

  3. I read everywhere. Before I fall asleep, on the sofa, in the car, at university, on the bus … on the bed, IN the bed, wherever.
    The funny thing is when I read and suddenly my boyfriend goes: “Your soo cute …” – “???” – “You’re curled up on the sofa, read your book, you concentrate on it totally, and your expression changes while you read …”

    Well. I do not always drink while reading – but I certainly eat! ;-) There is this great photograph showing me as an eight-year-old, eating chocolate and hunched over a book … When my mum looked at this a couple of years ago, she only said: “This is so typically YOU … Eating and reading …”

  4. In the bathtub until the water turns cold, then in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate.

    And lately, I’ve been daring, I take my iPad in the tub :)

    • Oh you are daring! I am too afraid to take my Kindle into the tub. There should be bathtub-proof casing … hmm maybe there is and I just need to find one.

  5. I like to read at night before bed and in my little office where I write. Since getting a Kindle, I’ve been reading more and in a lot of places I normally wouldn’t: waiting in lines, waiting in my car, waiting for my food at a restaurant, basically whenever I’m waiting, which I’ve just had the revelation when writing this that I do that a LOT! LOL My favorite place though is after I’m tucked in for the night. :)

  6. As a teacher I read a great deal at my desk – not always my first choice but an occupational hazard. I like to read for recreation at bed time or sitting in front of my fire place – especially in the cold weather.

    With my Iphone I also read in waiting rooms or steal a short read at lunch. I have a bunch of Victorian writers on my phone and can quickly access Dickens, Doyle and the like with the push of a button. Oh, and yes, it is usually accompanied by a hot beverage wherever I am. Coffee is the drink of preference but a strong cup of clear tea is also much appreciated as well.

    With Christmas break coming in school a friend lent me a copy of the Stone Carvers that I am anxious to read. Now back to marking essays…. thanks for the post.

  7. Propped up on a large pillow on my couch, right beneath a reading lamp. I sometimes read in bed, though I had to quit that after I tried to read The Hunger Games before falling asleep. Disaster.

  8. I am very dedicated to reading in bed. I think nothing can beat it. Going to bed is only pleasant for me because of reading (and because my partner’s there, too) and my latest novel gives me something to look forward to in that struggle for sleep.

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